Asset Monitoring

A remote infrastructure lifecycle monitoring solution

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Asset Fit is a remote infrastructure monitoring solution. Utilising a combination of state-of-the-art technologies, it delivers critical real-time intelligence about an infrastructure’s condition and its environment throughout its lifecycle. Unlike conventional monitoring solutions, it is precisely tailored to ‘fit’ the unique needs of your asset: this might be anything from a straightforward incident alert through to a complex, fully integrated solution as part of a wider management programme.

Smart, streamlined and highly configurable, asset fit enables you to manage the condition of your assets dependably and cost-effectively – now and long into the future…

  • Employ fewer personnel to monitor and maintain your assets
  • Minimise downtime of assets due to unforeseen structural issues
  • Extend asset life and protect your investments
  • Reduce expenditure by identifying problems early on
  • Support infrastructure maintenance and retirement planning
  • Record detailed incident feedback for safety and risk management reporting
  • Fewer onsite personnel can improve health and safety and minimise your carbon footprint

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  Why Asset Fit?

Asset Fit monitors the condition of your fixed assets 24/7, enabling you to identify potential problems before they occur…

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  The Asset Fit Approach

When introducing Asset Fit to an infrastructure project, we work to a systematic five-step approach…

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  Managing your data

Your data is collected using an array of on-site sensors and is accessed remotely via a secure online dashboard that is specially configured to your needs…

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  Active Support

By proactively monitoring your data, Asset Fit identifies and analyses issues before they become a serious – and potentially costly – problem…

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