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ITM Monitoring is acknowledged as a leader in the delivery and management of large scale projects in London and across the UK which involve earth, rock and concrete structures, such as property developments, tunnels, deep excavations, highways and railways.  We are able to provide precise measurement and monitoring of critical structures which might be affected by demolition or construction.

The way your monitoring system is configured is critical to its effectiveness. We have an in-depth understanding of the technology and processes involved and you can be confident that the solution we provide will be fit for purpose and designed to withstand the challenges of the most demanding environments.

Vitally, when sourcing  monitoring instrumentation, we aren’t tied to a single supplier. This means we are able to design a monitoring system that is customised to your exact needs. Drawing on our extensive experience, we guide you through your options to help you select the most appropriate instrumentation, highlighting the differences between various monitoring methods and the comparative costs involved.


  • A complete service solution– encompassing system design, installation, support and maintenance
  • Competitive fees– offering a cost-effective, fully comprehensive monitoring solution
  • Combined expertise– delivering a fit-for-purpose tailored solution
  • Superior data presentation– from our best-in-class Calyx OMS data visualisation software
  • Centralised management– offering greater control and minimising risk
  • Expert consultation– ensuring a value-engineered approach

We have 20 years’ structural and geotechnical monitoring experience of measurement of incidents including:

  • Ground movement
  • Ground Water
  • Divergence of walls
  • Landslip
  • Settlement
  • Deformation
  • Convergence
  • Divergence
  • Deflection


We offer valuable advice and guidance on your monitoring requirements at a pre-construction phase…

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When working with you to plan your project we typically take a three step approach, including the initial design, consultation and detailed design…

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We follow a systematic six step approach when introducing a monitoring system to an infrastructure project…

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  Active Support

By proactively monitoring your data and the performance of your system, we are able to identify and analyse issues before they become a problem…

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