London Developments

Managing London construction developments


For London construction developments requiring integrated surveying and monitoring solutions, ITM Monitoring provides the comprehensive range of structural, geotechnical and environmental monitoring services to the infrastructure sector in London. Through early consultation during design stage we create bespoke monitoring schemes, procuring and installing instrumentation as well as undertaking detailed survey works, with all data being stored, managed and visualised in our in-house software – Calyx OMS. We offer a complete service solution to developers, contractors and engineers, ensuring we use our combined expertise to deliver exceptional results at competitive fees through centralised management.

Design and Pre-construction

Our manual survey, laser scanning and BIM capabilities are helpful tools during the initial design stages of large and complex developments, with additional services such as correlation and underground service surveys assisting with preliminary project works. Continuing into pre-construction phases, we utilise our knowledge in testing geotechnical and structural variables to provide baseline readings for ground movements using the following equipment:

  • Electrolevels and tiltmeters
  • Extensometers and strain gauges
  • Settlement systems
  • Tunnel monitoring sensors
  • Basset Convergence Systems
  • Crack meters
  • Manual and automated inclinometers
  • Magnetic, rod and wire extensometers
  • Ground water level monitoring systems
  • Settlement profile systems
  • Prop monitoring

During these phases we work closely with a range of stakeholders including Developers, Contractors, Demolition Teams and Local Authorities to measure and manage the impact a project may have on surrounding sensitive assets and neighbours. Our specialist environmental monitoring instrumentation closely monitors noise, dust and vibration levels against government thresholds to ensure all works provide minimal disturbance.


Once ground works and superstructure construction begin we provide manual, automated or combined monitoring services, capturing data from a multitude of sensor varieties 24 hours a day, seven days a week through our web-based data visualisation Calyx OMS software. Calyx OMS provides continual monitoring of site conditions, offering status updates and reassurance to clients wherever they choose to view the data, as well as alarms, PDF reporting and video camera feed interfaces.

Building Use

As a construction project reaches closure and occupancy we provide close-out settlement readings and reports as the building enters the asset portfolio.