Planning your construction project

Project planning typically follows a detailed three-step process:

1 Initial design

Every project has a starting point. At ITM Monitoring we pride ourselves on our ability to take initial design drawings and specifications and turn them into dependable and cost-effective monitoring campaigns.

2 Consultation

Our designers and engineers will take the time to fully understand your objectives; we then work together to arrive at a fully integrated monitoring solution that is tailored to your exact requirements and budget. We’ll also explain in detail exactly what our equipment does and why we are specifying it. An in-depth consultation process at the initial design stage ensures that we arrive at the best possible solution for your needs. Our experience has shown that this is the most important phase of a project.

3 Detailed design

Drawing on our technical expertise, we produce designs, programmes, licences, permits and systems that comply with all relevant standards. We consider every aspect of your project, from power supply, remote communications, cabling specifications and routing, through to environmental issues and protection of equipment. Following consultation with your team, we draw up an installation programme and completion date. Finally, we complete a thorough in-house testing to ensure your system operates to the highest possible standard, potentially saving both time and money during installation. We back this up with further on-site testing once all equipment is in place.