ITM on the roads – geotechnical monitoring of major roadway construction projects

Over the years, ITM Monitoring has become well-known as an expert in the geotechnical monitoring of major roadway construction projects up and down the country.

Road embankments

One recent project for client Balfour Beatty was Phase 1 of the Perth Transport Futures Project. It is designed to provide a new link road from the A85 Crieff Road across the A9 dual carriageway and River Almond into Bertha Park. ITM’s role was to monitor the construction of the new road embankments by installing geotechnical instruments measuring the strata behaviour as the new junction and roads were constructed and the river was diverted.

Due to the proximity of the River Almond, ITM installed piezometers for measuring pore water pressure, in addition to hydrostatic profile gauges and rod and plate settlement gauges to record vertical ground movement. Even working during a severe cold snap in early winter, dealing with freezing temperatures and limited daylight hours, the installation went well and data is now being successfully logged by the client.


Bridges and underpasses

A second junction improvement scheme that ITM Monitoring is involved with is the Highways England redevelopment of the A19/A1058 Coast Road Junction between Doncaster and the Tyne Tunnel. Sisk-Lagan JV were selected to make vital improvements to the North Tyneside A19/A1058 junction by lowering the A19 beneath the existing roundabout into a cutting and upgrading it to a three level interchange, better known as the Silverlink junction.

ITM introduced a number of wireless monitoring techniques and as a result provided key value engineering benefits and avoided the difficulties of laying extensive cabling networks. As a result, this provided significant health, safety and environmental improvements on the project through reducing the number of visits to the site by ITM engineers.


A19 Silverlink Junction bridge monitoring                 Recording data while sheet piling

All project-wide geotechnical and structural monitoring data is transferred to ITM’s own data visualisation package, Calyx Online Monitoring Software (OMS)™, which has received extensive praise across the construction industry for its ease of use and ability to manage multiple sites for clients. The system is based upon continuous remote structural health monitoring using linear potentiometers and tilt meters, with supplementary manual monitoring of inclinometers, piezometers and survey targets.

Additional environmental monitoring included those for sound, vibration and dust for the surrounding businesses, residential areas and the adjacent crematorium. ITM’s site technicians also used three static sound level microphones and tri-axial geophones to record data while in the process of sheet piling, prior to the construction of the new overpass bridge.

Furthermore, manual surveying of the targets is carried out on a weekly basis. The project started in June 2016 and is expected to be completed by March 2019. Monitoring is maintained throughout the construction with ITM providing continual technical support for the full two and a half year duration of the project.

Services and Instrumentation

  • Pile Wall Monitoring: Wireless tilt sensors
  • Prop Web-based data presentation software: Calyx Online Monitoring Software (OMS)™
  • Data transfer: Solar panels and data loggers
  • Pore water pressure and strata behaviour: Piezometers, hydrostatic profile gauges, plate settlement gauges
  • Structural health monitoring: Linear potentiometers, tilt meters and inclinometers
  • Environmental monitoring: Sound level microphones and tri-axial geophones