ITM provides remote automated monitoring system for Hammersmith Police Station development

ITM Monitoring has been commissioned to work on the Hammersmith Police Station’s major refurbishment and expansion, creating a twenty-first century base for policing in the borough of Hammersmith and Fulham. The overall construction of the £52m project is being managed by main contractor Wates, who brought ITM Monitoring in after working together on a previous heritage project in 2016, The Victoria & Albert (V&A) Museum Extension.

“The project was ideally suited to our skill set,” comments Rhiannon Scott, who assisted with the design of the monitoring scheme. “Similar to the consultation we provide on asset monitoring contracts, our knowledge of the instrumentation available for use in remote automated monitoring systems enabled us to create a bespoke solution for Wates where there was no monitoring specification.”

A key part of the architectural plan is to keep the 1930’s Grade II Listed Building which has been cited by English Heritage as important for its special architectural and historic interest. The brickwork and Cornish granite facade will be retained as the entrance to the fully modernised police station designed by RSP Architects. A four-storey extension will be added to the rear. Plans also include a new custody facility and flexible office space, plus stables for the Mounted Branch and basement level car parking totalling 10,880 square meters of modern operational facilities.

ITM’s responsibility throughout the construction is to monitor the boundary wall with adjacent London Underground assets, the exterior walls of the existing police station and the adjoining properties surrounding the construction site. This will be achieved through a fully automated system of Robotic Total Stations (RTS), 3D glass prisms, electrolevels and additionally, sensors for noise, vibration and air quality. The cumulative data is collected via data loggers on a twenty-four hour basis and transmitted to our trademarked software, Calyx OMS™, via an internet FTP site to our in house engineers and client team.

Two RTSs will monitor the properties to the north of the site, the London Underground boundary wall and the north and west facades of the 1930’s police station. Due to the LUL tracks being in use throughout the construction, trains will at times interrupt the line of sight and readings from the prisms. ITM developed a solution to the problem by installing a chain of electrolevel beams along the party wall as back-up. A total of 121 prisms will be installed to ensure accurate and reliable data throughout the works. These readings will provide a three-dimensional record of any asset movements across the site.

Completion of the project is expected early 2020.