It pays to pay attention to the small things, for our clients and company alike!

The benefits of making training a long-term commitment, not a short-lived resolution

Driven by the desire to continually raise our standards, but also the rise in clients demanding increasingly complex monitoring systems and data visualisation, ITM demonstrates its long-term commitment to clients and staff by providing ongoing professional and personal development, delivering on the job experience underpinned by theory.

We spoke to Mark Asemota, Development Engineer at ITM Monitoring, who earlier this year delivered a presentation at the company’s annual meeting covering the benefits training can bring to both our clients and ITM as a company, if it is an ongoing commitment and not just a one-off tick box exercise.

If you consider a standard data logger, ensuring that the correct fuse is fitted is crucial. If whoever builds this data logger isn’t trained in the simple task of fitting the correct fuse, it can have costly consequences. Who cares, it’s just a fuse, worth perhaps 10 pence, you might ask? If the data logger fails once installed on site, an ITM technician will be sent to site to diagnose the problem, and fix or replace it. You can see how the costs of man hours and replacement instruments begin to add up, all due to a 10 pence fuse! Not to mention the potential damage to our reputation and client dissatisfaction due to preventable delays or interrupted data readings.

From fitting simple things like the correct fuse in a data logger, to installing complex environmental seismic monitoring systems, ensuring that our people are highly trained to carry out their tasks both safely and efficiently is a key priority for ITM, and brings notable benefits to our customers and company alike.

Designing fit for purpose monitoring systems

Change in the geotechnical and structural monitoring industry has gathered pace over recent years, with new developments and smart technologies launched to market at a quicker rate than perhaps has previously been the case. We recognise that if we don’t keep our employees trained in the latest technologies, learning new skills on an ongoing basis, we risk being left behind.

Providing our customers with the best possible monitoring solutions and service is at the core of our business strategy, so we created a matrix which details the specialist skills and experience of each of our engineers. This allows our Operations Manager to quickly select the most skilled personnel for each project we work on and pinpoint any gaps in competency which can be combated with additional training. The skills matrix also allows us to review the effectiveness of external training sessions and on the job learning, monitoring how our employees are developing professionally, and track improvements to the services provided to our clients.

As well as keeping up with the latest technologies, being able to offer our clients the best installation services is vital, which is why we invest in training such as roped access for our in-house team, rather than outsourcing to an external provider. This allows us to protect the quality of installation, and provides peace of mind to our clients that the monitoring system has not only been expertly designed, but has been installed by a skilled engineer who understands the instruments they are working with. You can read more about our roped access capabilities here.

Providing confidence to our clients and safeguarding our reputation for excellence

Every purchase decision – whether it’s to buy a new car, select a broadband provider or install a monitoring system on a major construction project – is made based on a combination of factors, including price, recommendations, reliability, specialist skills and knowledge, confidence in the service provider, trust…we could go on.

Not only does regular training equip our engineers with the knowledge and confidence needed to install monitoring instrumentation correctly first time – bringing efficiencies in processes, resulting in financial gain and time-saving – it also boosts ITM’s reputation for professionally delivering quality monitoring solutions for clients, giving confidence to our clients that they’ve chosen to work with a trusted supplier who will adhere to best practice.