Dams and Reservoirs

A long and proud history when monitoring both dams and reservoirs.

We have been involved in the construction of some of the country’s most iconic water management systems and our experience has taught us a huge amount about the challenges of installing instrumentation systems in these unique environments.

For example, we fully appreciate that it might be necessary to install instruments hundreds of meters from a data acquisition system and can specify the sensor technology appropriately. We also know that structures can often be located in areas where communication options are limited and can work with you to provide a suitable means of acquiring and visualising the data. Finally we know that an instrumentation system’s effectiveness is only as good as the maintenance regime that supports it. With this in mind, we are always committed to supporting clients for the duration of their asset’s lifecycle.

ITM Monitoring Dams capability brochure Please read our dams and reservoirs capability brochure here, or see our Solutions page for a full range of options.

Dams & Reservoirs

Dams & Reservoirs

Our vast experience designing and implementing innovative monitoring systems for dams and reservoirs comes from working on projects around the globe…

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