Active Support

At ITM Monitoring we believe in prevention rather than cure.

By proactively monitoring your data and the performance of your system, our ‘ActiveSupport’ team are able to identify and analyse issues before they become a serious – and potentially costly – problem. It’s all part of the service.

Active Support at a glance:

Daily system check (Monday-Friday)

Our team check for the presence of incoming data from your monitoring system Monday-Friday and record the results of these checks in daily reports which are issued to your project team. If there is no new data, we will investigate the cause and report our findings that day, along with recommended actions to resolve the problem

Daily data check (Monday-Friday)

Our ActiveSupport team will perform daily remote checks on data logger/sensor combinations, to assess if data is constant. This will highlight any issues with individual sensors on site.  Sensor/logger combinations will be selected sequentially to ensure that over time all sensors are tested

Help Desk

Telephone, email and screen share support and assistance.

Active incident support

If an alarm notification is dispatched from your monitoring system, this will be sent in parallel to our ActiveSupport team who will check the detail and help you to ascertain whether this is due to a change of state on site or a rogue reading. This will be a priority task, with an alarm report sent to your project team

Never lose your data – data back-up and archiving

Calyx database is automatically backed-up and archived every day. If required, our ActiveSupport team can also assist you in downloading your data to store elsewhere

Maintenance planning

Our ActiveSupport team will continually assess for maintenance requirements and flag these to your project team accordingly, along with suggested lead times for intervention

Watchdog Alarms

Our ActiveSupport team is able to setup automated Watchdog Alarms on the various data streams to provide instant warning of any disruption to service